Lightwater Valley makes eco-friendly energy savings with biomass boilers

Inspecting Lightwater Valley's new biomass boilers

Boxed Off Communications has recently secured superb press coverage for Lightwater Valley theme park, which is saving around £130,000 per year thanks to the installation of eco-friendly biomass heating systems.

The theme park in Ripon, North Yorkshire, has installed carbon-neutral biomass boilers, which burn sustainable wood-pellets to create energy.

These 400kW units were designed and fitted by Harrogate firm Think Renewable Energy Limited and have allowed the entire theme park to move away from an oil-based heating system to a much cleaner, more environmentally-friendly set-up.

The project required the creation of a number of eco-cabins which serve the park’s offices, theatre, retail and events hall.

The scheme was completed with the assistance of Lombard in Merseyside which specialises in securing funding for renewable energy technologies, and is backed by the government’s Renewable Heat Incentive Scheme for commercial businesses.

This latest investment follows the installation of a large ground-mounted solar photovoltaic array on fields adjacent to Lightwater Valley from which the theme park has been able to source up to 45% of its electricity.

Chris Paddey managing director of Think Renewable Energy commented: “We are delighted to have worked with the park to reduce its carbon footprint with over 200 tonnes of CO₂ savings estimated.

“We continue to see a large number of commercial businesses exploring renewable energy technologies.”

Mark Bainbridge, general manager at Lightwater Valley, said: “We’re delighted with the savings achieved from our recent investment in sustainable, eco-friendly energy solutions.

“Despite the huge strides made already, Lightwater Valley remains committed to maintaining its energy efficiency and finding ways to reduce its carbon footprint.”

More information about Lightwater Valley can be found online at or via the Facebook page You can also follow on Twitter @LightwaterV