Is all publicity good publicity?

Gaining publicity through news coverage is one of the most important aspects of PR and to achieve printed copy in various publications is crucial. However, with the emergence of online and social media, there are more channels and in theory a greater chance of having your news published.  But are PR pro’s prioritising quantity over quality to impress their clients?

As Christmas is (arguably) the most wonderful time of the year for PR pro’s to show off their campaigning skills, we discuss some of the latest PR wins and fails as the industry gets in full festive swing for the merry season…

McDonalds discovers its irrelevant ‘healthy option’ to get #ReindeerReady with social Christmas campaign

As highlighted in PR Week this year, McDonalds is said to have stepped up its campaign for Christmas by taking the focus away from Santa and instead highlighting his reindeer. As a promotion for getting ready for the big day with McDonalds, the campaign draws attention to its carrot sticks showing a child saving them for Santa’s reindeer but is this the only time a child would be interested in carrots at McDonalds?


Greggs greasy goods replace baby Jesus sparking a religious uproar

Highlighted in The Guardian and Daily Mail.

Despite Christians showing their frustration over the alternate scene of the nativity featuring… A PASTRY, the mighty baked savoury overruled religion and did not fail in selling out trays of sausage rolls all over the country. Merry Greggsmas!


If you haven’t “pead” yourself at this, you need to discover your inner festive cheer as Kevin the carrot returns for Christmas Dinner round 2

Highlighted in Daily Mail.

Clearly, Aldi know a good thing when they see it as they have decided to bring old friend Kevin back for Christmas 2017, putting carrots to better use than McDonalds! Much loved vegetable, Kevin the carrot has returned, this time to find love at Christmas, and what is not to love about this cute campaign?


The star of Christmas… Moz

As seen in The Independent.

What, we’re predictable? How did you guess that we could not have rounded up the best and worst Christmas campaigns without a mention of the retail king of Christmas, or at least Christmas adverts?

Three words… Moz the Monster and you’re already intrigued! If anyone knows how to build up the excitement to the festive season it’s John Lewis! Each and every year viewers anticipate what new creature is going to pop along and bring the Christmas cheer with a heart-wrenching story that welcomes a thoughtful gift to someone special at the most magical time of year.

Stepping up its game, the retail giant has introduced merchandise of friendly monster, Moz. However, with the ‘real’ Moz being less attractive than his ‘airbrushed’ self on TV, is this enough to cash in on the Christmas hype? … We think so!


Join our festive spirit and share your thoughts with us…