Five is the magic number – especially in 2018!

Happy New Year from the team at Boxed Off.


Five is a big number for us this year as we look forward to celebrating our fifth birthday later in 2018.

So, as we all ease our way back into work now the Christmas holidays are behind us, we decided to pick our top five tips and trends for improving your profile in 2018.

  1. Social influencers – social influencers have flourished in 2017, breaking fully into the virtual world of social media, making them more effective than ever in translating brand messages. The rise of bloggers and vloggers has had a powerful impact on digital channels which makes them extremely useful for PR in 2018 to assist brands in appearing relatable to its audience.


  1. Networking – Networking continues to be an essential element to building your profile and January is a great time to go full speed into networking with more and more events emerging across the UK.


  1. Measurement and evaluation – It is clear there is a demand for new and improved measurement tools for social media and PR, because proving its worth and value is something that is continuously discussed within the industry. Listening is currently perceived as the most effective tool in analysing activity, as viewed in this article from The Drum – something to consider in 2018.


  1. The digital world – The above article also highlights a survey that has found the top three things that teens (generation Z) think will have an impact on their generation are all related to our digital world. The top five social platforms that Gen Z is using are: Youtube (79%), Facebook (78%), Instagram (69%), Snapchat (68%) and Twitter (49%) making this a huge opportunity in 2018 to get social media marketing right. This also focuses attention on the importance of quality over quantity when it comes to content in 2018. There is no longer the need to post endlessly on a daily basis, followers rely on quality content that is more visual and requires less effort to absorb the information.


  1. Video Marketing – Already a huge contributing factor to success in 2017, The Drum poll saw 48% of poll participants choosing video marketing as a main focus for 2018 with a demand calling for more live and short video from organisations. As a huge challenge for brands is getting their content noticed, they are going to have to work hard to keep up with industry trends this year and be heard amongst growing competition.


These are our thoughts at the start of another year. Please let us know what you think…