Boxing off your social growth – the introduction of Live Feeds

This week marks the launch of Boxed Off Live Feeds, the new place to see all of our social media activity and some of the campaigns we run for clients in one place… or even in one box! To mark this, account executive Katie provides some insight on how to grow your digital landscape. 

As we PR professionals become less reliant on newspapers as the lead channel to get our messages across and the digital world continues to emerge, we discuss top tips for developing your online presence. 

Be consistent 

The more you post, the more interaction and conversation you create, the greater outreach you gain and the stronger the rapport you build with your audience. If you are consistent and seen to be more connected, users are more likely to follow you for the reliability of your regular updates and will begin to see you as a source of news. 

Engaging in tone of voice

It’s important to connect with your audience using language and in a tone they can relate to. This builds rapport through speaking at a level which they can understand and feel familiar with. Engaging posts that show effort to influence users and maybe even change behaviours helps differentiate your brand. Let’s be honest… who wants to communicate with a robot generating repetitive and dull content! There are plenty of social media users out there, you don’t want to be lost and forgotten.

If you want people to sit up and take notice, replying and retweeting is an effective way to engage and shows your target audience how active and responsive you are, after all, we all expect to be responded to almost instantly these days!

If content is to remain engaging, taking the time to think about what you want to share on social channels is essential. While consistency is important, so is reputation so make sure the content is valuable and relevant to your audience.

Timing is key!

Social media is certainly one of the most powerful ways of amplifying a brand. However, discovering the prime time to post is key. Peak times and times of increased activity are perfect for making your brand more visible. Midday and evening tend to be the busiest times on social, for the obvious reason of people finishing work or having their lunch at work.

Although many brands have created infographics to demonstrate some key times, it is different for every business! The most important part is finding what works for you and then being consistent with your timings – connections know when to expect an update!

Linking accounts

Online presence of a business has become more important than ever. Linking channels together gives your brand a personality and demonstrates connectivity and consistency in getting your message across. Blogs are a great way of putting this into practice to direct people to your site and share across channels.

Of course, along with managing our own social channels, Boxed Off is also able to put together a social media plan for your business.

As always, we would love to hear your thoughts! If you like the content of our social channels and would like to increase the amount of valuable followers you have, then get in touch to find out how we can put together a social media plan to help you influence others and grow your business.

And remember, it’s good to share!