Investment continues for Heritage GB revenue increase

Figures released by Heritage Great Britain plc show an 8% increase in revenue and a 5% increase in visitor numbers across its Heritage Attractions portfolio compared to last year.

The portfolio includes Snowdon Mountain Railway and The Needles on the Isle of Wight whose combined revenue increased by £1.1m.

There was a small increase in revenue at the Land’s End landmark following a £240,000 investment at the Land’s End hotel and refurbishment of the First & Last Inn.

Last month the company announced a half a million pound investment at Land’s End following a joint venture agreement with Aardman to create the ‘Shaun the Sheep Experience.’

Allan Leech, Heritage Great Britain plc, CEO said:

“The upward trend across the portfolio is to be welcomed as we look to invest in the future.

“The Aardman attraction announced last month will be alongside an upgraded Arthur’s Quest and a new 4D film experience both at Land’s End and The Needles.

“A £750,000 total investment at our sites will also include a new retail outlet at The Needles and a new carriage at Snowdon Mountain Railway.”

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