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120th anniversary of Marconi radio transmission is highlight of summer at The Needles on Isle of Wight

Five weeks of free summer fun this August at The Needles

A day of celebrations to mark the 120th anniversary of the first radio transmission by Marconi from The Needles is the highlight of five weeks of free summer fun at the Isle of Wight’s landmark attraction.

Marconi Day on Monday, August 14 will mark the achievement of Italian inventor Guglielmo Marconi who successfully sent the first long-distance radio transmission from his base at The Needles more than a century ago.

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Iconic East London venue transformed into new trampoline and adventure park

Inside Flip Out London E6 trampoline park in East London

An iconic art-deco theatre in East London has reopened as one of the capital’s biggest trampoline and adventure parks, with Boxed Off handling all PR in the build-up to the grand unveiling.

The Granada Theatre in East Ham, which once hosted bands like The Beatles, Rolling Stones and Black Sabbath, was transformed into Flip Out London E6 this summer following a £3 million renovation project.

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